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Carpet from Leader Carpet

Leader Carpet Hardwood & Tile has one of the best selections of carpet found anywhere. Folks in Nanuet, Tappan, New City Mahwah, and surrounding areas are truly lucky with nearly 1,000 choices at their fingertips. The carpet selection is a combination of versatility, beauty, and quality.

Beautiful designs are created in the construction of carpet. Modern technology can produce enhancing classic patterns. State-of-the-art technology and equipment is used in the extrusion and processing of the carpets in the Leader Carpet Hardwood & Tile showroom, in Nanuet, NY. The selection of carpet doesn’t follow the trends but creates them. Work and living areas are brought to the forefront of style. Undulating carpet patterns can bring a new dimension to an interior.

Multiple textures enhance designs. Leader Carpet Hardwood & Tile carpet provides comfort in casual elegant homes. Woven-like textures and tailored lines capture a casual sophistication. Choosing a neutral color will mean having an enhancement for your home that will last for years.


There are three types of carpet. Cut-pile is the most popular style of carpet and has the most diverse types. Classic cut-pile carpets are available in colors that range from beige to black.


Loop-pile designs are made with uncut loops of yarn. The loops can be at an even level or create a high-low pile of high and low loops forming a design. Commercial carpet is typically a level loop variety. Residential carpets utilize the multi-level loop style. Loop patterns have a sleek, organic feel.

Wool has a timeless, soft texture. Leader Carpet Hardwood & Tile has a wool loop carpet that is tailored and provides a foundation that is all natural for a comfortable and elegant home. Warmth and style are brought to the home. Another wool carpet selection is an upscale, yet casual pattern created by textures and shapes that are juxtaposed.

Cut and loop pile

For a more sculptured look, a cut and loop style is used. The construction is a mixture of high cut pile yarns and lower uncut loops. The texture of the two piles is different and provides a contrast in appearance. A less sculptured look is created with a design made of cut and uncut loops of the same height.

Leader Carpet Hardwood & Tile has an eclectic group of carpet in the cut loop style in which the designs are expressions of functionality, glamour, and elegance. Chic striations are a means of expressing style. Blends of gorgeous stone and steel or light, natural hues of sky and wood are imbued with the feel of city life. Pronounced striations give cut and loop carpet distinctive style. The carpet appears to be handmade.

Stop by our showroom in Nanuet, NY to see all the carpet choices available for your flooring project.

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