What is the best carpet texture for my home?

What is the best carpet texture for my home?

What is the best carpet texture for my home?  

If you’re like most homeowners, you’ll want carpeting that will look great and perform well for a long time, but what you choose will depend upon your lifestyle, goals, and priorities. Consider things like family size, kids, pets, and how the room in which it's to be installed will be used.

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The looped construction
Every carpet starts in the manufacturing process as a looped construction. There are two looped styles:

1.     Level loop, a durable rug, ideal for rooms with heavy foot traffic. It has a tight overall texture and will not show any markings, such as vacuums or footprints.

2.    Berber styles have thicker yarns and a distinctive flecked pattern or solid and multi-colors. It's a durable floor covering that works in any room. 

If they are also cut

A primary cut pile has short, evenly sheared fibers, while Saxony fibers are longer. In addition, Saxony is available in either a plush (thick, soft, densely packed fibers, giving it a velvety feeling) or patterned texture. Saxony Straight (Plush) will show footprints and other markings, so it's best for low traffic floors, while Saxony Texture is acceptable for all rooms.

High pile rugs include the shag with long loose fibers or frieze with fibers twisted so tightly they curl. Shag is best for low-traffic rooms, and the frieze style is great for more casual rooms with high traffic.

Low pile rugs, considered the most durable and easiest to clean, have short and tightly woven fibers. In contrast, cut and loop styles use various heights to create patterns. Both are good choices for any room.

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