Nylon vs. polyester: what is the difference?

Understanding the difference between nylon and polyester can be extremely important when you need carpet floor covering that works to your specific requirements. Today, we will look more closely at these two fibers and what they have to offer, as one is likely to work better for your household than the other.

Finding the best fiber for your carpeting

Nylon is highly sought-after for outstanding wear and abrasion resistance and strong fibers that are lightweight and easy to work with. The fact that these materials are static-free means a lot to homeowners as well.

When you choose nylon, you'll find it more durable, with a specific "bounce-back" feature that helps maintain its shape and form. Of course, it's more expensive, but the added lifespan often makes it worth it.

Polyester outperforms nylon when it comes to stain resistance, and the fibers are incredibly soft as well. You'll find it a more inexpensive option, which can mean a lot if you need to stick to a tight budget.

You’ll note that polyester colors are brighter and shinier and retain the look thanks to outstanding stain resistance. To see these options in person, be sure to visit us whenever you're in the area.

Be sure to consider our carpet store as you shop

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