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Hardwood floors Available

The natural beauty and warmth hardwood floors add to a room cannot be manufactured. Other floorings become unattractive when noticeable wear-and-tear is evident, but those “flaws” adds charm and character to hardwood floors. Hardwood floors last a long time and can be restored to “new” grandeur because they can be refinished.

Types of hardwood

You can choose between solid and engineered hardwood. Knowledge of the difference between the two is helpful in making a decision. Solid hardwood boards are made from one piece of lumber. Typical thicknesses range from ¾ inch to 7/16 inch.

Multiple wood piles are used in the construction of engineered hardwood. A high-density fiberboard is layered between a solid wood top and a hardwood backing. Engineered hardwood is constructed with a patented multi-layer technology and an extra layer (top layer) that provides an energy absorption quality.
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Changes in temperature and moisture cause solid hardwood to contract and expand. Installers from Leader Carpet Hardwood & Tile, in Nanuet, NY, leave an expansion gap between the wall and the floor to compensate. Quarter round or base molding is the traditional means of hiding the extra space. Engineered wood is less likely to react to temperature and humidity. It is a wonderful choice for bathrooms and finished basements.

Both are meant to endure punishment dished out by kids and pets. Engineered hardwood is slightly more resistant than solid hardwood. Staples, nails, or glue are used to install solid hardwood to a subfloor. Engineered floors can be installed in the same manner or as a “floating floor.” The boards of a floating floor are attached and float over the subfloor. Hardwood flooring installation is challenging for even the most experienced Do-It-Yourselfer. Professional installation is recommended so that manufacturer’s warranties are kept in place. The professional installers at Leader Carpet Hardwood & Tile will get the job done quickly and right. All our hardwood is durable, and easy to maintain.

Leader Carpet Hardwood & Tile’s hardwood floors selection

The selection of hardwood available from Leader Carpet Hardwood & Tile is well-known for its product diversity and high quality. We carry both solid and engineered hardwood varieties and unique collections that focus on expression and design differential, so you are sure to find the perfect product for your life and design style.

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